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Chief Executive Officer – Managing Director CV – Resume Sample

Chief Executive Officer CV Resume Examples

Chief Executive Officer CV Resume Examples

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  • ŸEntrepreneurial by nature and able to see the ‘bigger picture’, utilises skills from an extensive background in well-known blue chip corporate consortiums, within General Management, Sales and Marketing/Business Development and Innovation and Change Management.
  • ŸIn excess of 30 years hands on experience gained from within the leisure, travel and entertainment industries, with specific skills in Product, Performance and Marketing Management, Business and Stakeholder Performance and Analysis, Business Growth and Development.
  • Ÿ  An excellent record of initiating and leading turnaround growth strategies in complex multi-channel distribution environments.
  • Ÿ  Successes and achievements are based on a passion for people development and empowerment.  Known as an inspirational leader with a supportive yet challenging management style that motivates both teams and individuals to achieve and exceed targets and job responsibilities.


Key Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy

Ÿ High success rate in turning businesses around from financial abyss, poor advertising and PR and poor business strategy by re-branding, streamlining and rationalisation and the design and introduction of better product and service solutions.

Ÿ Analyses operating factors and establishes KPI’s representing fundamental business drivers.

Ÿ Implements new and innovative procedures to increase company-wide efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Ÿ Hands on experience of managing and propelling acquisitions and mergers, which includes renegotiation of lease terms, relocation/refurbishment of key stores and the integration of marketing programs.


Business Development

Ÿ  Company: volume growth of 28 % and revenue growth of 40% in the preceding 12-month period.

Ÿ  Co. Name: grew XYZ Co. partnership from 10k rentals in year 1 to 500k plus in year 6.

Ÿ  Co. Name II increased net margin by 3% whilst growing forward order book by 30%.

Ÿ  Company Name:  increased UK visitors from .8m to 2m in 2 years.

Ÿ  Company Name II: added £100m new business in 18 months.


Branding and Product Development

Ÿ  Raises customer service levels; business budget planning and performance management; leadership and management of sales and operational staff and raising and developing planning and delivery.

Ÿ  Identifies profit-generating opportunities to promote products and services within highly lucrative channels.

Ÿ  Reviews and re-engineers corporate procurement of goods and services.


Processes and Systems

Ÿ  Design/development and implementation of global web platforms and profile software, enabling automatic compliance of policies and preferences.

Ÿ  Successful   project and   programme   management across   numerous functions, in   advance   of schedule.

Ÿ  Segments product sectors and principal in re-branding leisure and commercial businesses, management systems and for infusing esprit de corps across a de-motivated workforce.


Employment History

Company Name        2007 – Present

The online car rental brokerage operating in several European source markets and part of the XYZ Group of Companies.

Chief Executive Officer

Ÿ  Steering the company towards being the first fully integrated online air/car partnership to optimise yield through the use of dynamic pricing – an ongoing contract valued at US$1.2B.

Ÿ  Revised strategic and operating plans, which require moderate growth to improve return and cut losses.


Company             1998 – 2007

Part of the US$1.5b division of Hertz Corporation, spanning 90 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa.  

Vice President Marketing and Sales

ŸNegotiated and oversaw the pioneering exclusive partnership with partner company.

ŸRe-established  ABC Co. Europe’s position in the leisure/discretionary car rental sector, by redesigning product and service proposition for direct and indirect customers, establishing partnerships with key intermediaries in multiple channels. This is a multi year strategy that re-balanced the division’s customer mix.


Company Name              1996 – 1998

I T contractor recruitment business and major profit generator for the ?? Group.

Managing Director, Partner Resources

ŸPioneered a complete analysis of the company’s business infrastructure, identifying numerous operating inefficiencies, reduced overheads in excess of 10%, streamlined sales operations and reduced regions to create greater account functions.

XYZ Media Company              1994 – 1996

UK arm of the famous WXYZ venues, managing popular tourist destination and holiday resort.

UK Managing Director, XWYZ

ŸOutsourced the consumer call centre, reducing costs per booking by 50%.

ŸInitiated extensive advertising and a PR programme to alter market perception.  The effects culminated in the landmark “Magic-is-closer-than-you-think” advertising campaign.


Company Name                                              1989 – 1994

Premier national organisation supplying travel and package holidays to international markets.

Senior Vice President, Partner Company

Executive Director Partner Company II

ŸReviewed business options for the Canadian business, identifying potential take-overs, leading the post-merger integration of Canada’s largest independent travel business, bringing Company Name’s offering to a credible scale (C$800m) in the North American market.

ŸCreated the ‘ Total Travel Management ‘ solution for UK Business Company, re-establishing their market leading position and secured in excess of £100m in new business in the following 18 month period.


Travel Company Name                                              1987 – 1989

Part of the HRG group of companies, specialist providers of consumer and corporate travel products.

Sales and Marketing Director, Business Travel


Company Name              1980 – 1987

International providers of car leasing and brokerage.

Sales Director UK

Director Company Sales U.S.A


Company Name                                 1974 – 1980

Global leaders in pharmaceutical, drug development and testing.

National Accounts Manager    


Training and Professional Associations


Add work based training courses.


Add professional qualifications, associations, viz.: ACCA, MID, FIB, FRCS etc.


Add degrees and further education


Other Details


I T Skills: Proficient in the use of MS Office, including: Advanced Word, Excel, and Outlook.  Astute and quick to learn new systems and software.  Various applications and bespoke software.  Knowledge of various email software packages and the Internet with ease.

Drivers’ Licence: Full clean EU license, full, clean UK license.

Interests: Add info re spare time pursuits.

References: Available upon request.







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